Utah VS. Colorado – Which Offers the Best Overall Skiing Experience

skiing in utha vs colorado

Colorado and Utah have a long-standing rivalry. The surrounding states have been vying in the outdoor recreation arena for decades regarding employment and trade exhibits, tourist cash, or Olympic bids. But there is one point that hasn’t been decided on yet. What state has more snow—Colorado or Utah—than the other? What are the differences between … Read more

Skiing while pregnant: Can you ski when pregnant ?

Can you ski when pregnant

There has been no single guideline that fits all, so you can ski while pregnant as long as you are comfortable with it. However, the NHS advises care, especially between four and thirteen weeks, when the baby is most likely to develop. The significant dangers are falling over or being hit by another skier. So, … Read more

Cross Country Skiing Tips for Beginners

Cross Country Skiing Tips

Cross-country skiing is a terrific way to enjoy the cool winter weather and enjoy the great There are few very wholesome or enjoyable winter sports of cross-country skiing that the occasion affords to glide through the snowy landscape and revel in absolutely the peace rarely found on ski runs. If you’re a beginner, make it … Read more

History of skiing : How skiing was invented

origin of skiing

Skiing is not a new idea. The only evidence of skiing so far back is a masterpiece left by our forebears. The actual roots of skiing and who originated skiing are unknown. Still, one thing is sure: skiing was initially meant to produce mobility, to travel from point A to point B for both hunting … Read more

Skiing for Disabled: How to do Snow Skiing for the Physically Disabled

Snow Skiing for the Physically Disabled

The sport of snow skiing by physically impaired people, which began in Europe in 1935 and gained popularity in the United States in the 1940s, is examined in terms of possibilities, training, adapted equipment required, and advantages delivered. People with impairments ranging from cerebral palsy through multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, hemiplegia, amputation, blindness, and … Read more