11 Best Ski Helmet For Men Reviews and Buying Guide – 2023

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There is never an age when we are too cool to wear a helmet. Snowboard and ski helmets indeed offer protection from head injuries when on the slopes. Best-selling ski and snowboard helmets feature sleek and aerodynamic designs that look great as well as provide essential safety features. We’ve rounded up the 11 best ski helmets for men, ranging from stylish to wallet-friendly, so you can protect your head in style.

The hard hats on this list usually feature adjustable vents to regulate temperature, as well as MIPS systems to provide safety. Multi-directional impact protection systems work to reduce rotational forces that can cause brain damage, like a head-on collision. We tried to list the kind of helmet which is not only the best protector for you but even the best budget ski helmet for men.

Best Ski Helmet For Men: Quick Picks

1. Best Overall

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet

  • Ergonomic design
  • 25% lighter than other product
  • Audio-compatible ear pads
  • 13 fully adjustable vents
  • Inner eps foam

2. Best Runner Up

 Atomic HAWX Ultra 130

Smith Men’s Holt Helmet

  • Advanced abs construction
  • Dual certification
  • Designed for ultimate integration
  • Maximum comfort and venting
  • Fog-free lenses

3. Best for Budget

TurboSke Best Ski Helmet for Men

TurboSke Best Ski Helmet for Men

  • Magnetic buckle
  • Audio compatible
  • Dual regulator ventilation
  • Size adjustable mechanism
  • Goggle strap retainer

4. Best for Ventilation

Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Sport Helmet

Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Sport Helmet

  • Multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS)
  • Hybrid SL construction
  • Aerocore construction with koroyd
  • Dual regulator adjustable climate control
  • 21 vent airflow ventilation

5. Best for Construction

Oakley MOD5 Snowboarding Helmet

Oakley MOD5 Snowboarding Helmet

  • Eps impact liner
  • Adjustable venting
  • Audio compatible ear pad
  • Boa closure system
  • Hybrid outer shell construction
  • Modular brim system
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Ski Helmets You May Checkout –

What is the best ski helmet for men?

  1. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet
  2. Oakley MOD5 Snowboarding Helmet
  3. Smith Scout MIPS Snow Sport Helmet
  4. Giro Jackson MIPS Snow Helmet
  5. Oakley Mod5 w Mips Snow Helmet
  6. POC Obex Spin Snowboard and Ski Helmet
  7. Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Sport Helmet
  8. Smith Men’s Holt Helmet
  9. Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Ski Helmet
  10. OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS Ski Helmet
  11. TurboSpoke Best Ski Helmet for Men

1. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmet:

Wildhorn  Ski Helmet - US Ski Team

Helmets for skiers and snowboarders are typically heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable. Our Wildhorn Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmets were meticulously designed to provide the best fit and protection, so that you will shred the slopes with style and comfort, rather than looking like a dashboard bobblehead.

Providing lightweight, streamlined design and unmatched fit and comfort, the Wildhorn Drift Snow Helmet is the best on the market. There are three sizes of the Drift, and it features the patented FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) system, which offers micro-adjustments to find the perfect fit.

Advanced manufacturing techniques with composite foam technology are used to make the Drift ski and snowboard helmet. As a result, it is among the lightest, most performance-oriented helmets available. Click here to buy now.

2. Oakley MOD5 Snowboarding Helmet:

Oakley MOD5 Snowboarding Helmet

This snow helmet delivers lightweight protection for technical adventure enthusiasts looking for maximum performance at the highest level. This is the best ski mountaineering helmet because helmets from MOD5 have a hybrid shell design that offers a higher level of protection in high-impact areas.

It also incorporates a modular brim system that brings seamless helmet and goggle integration to new levels. The modular brim system (MBS) funnels hot, humid air out of the goggle and into the helmet brim, which helps to reduce fogging. Mod5 ski helmets feature a rotational protection liner that protects the brain during movement.

The Oakley brand is sacred to us and we live and breathe it. Oakley maintains rigorous and uncompromising standards for all of its manufacturing facilities that allow us to achieve the highest quality possible. Click here to buy now.

3. Smith Scout MIPS Snow Sport Helmet:

The Scout has the style and attitude you will expect from a hardshell helmet with a broad brim, but with all the features and fit that make Smith one of the best ski helmets for men. It has a bombshell construction that’s tough, durable, and lightweight.

A lifestyle fit system makes it easy to keep your goggles in place when wearing them under your helmet. A Scout is designed for a specific user group of progressive users who like to push the limits and dial in their skills. The MIPS system is available in any color and comes with all-season airflow and 8 vents. This is also the Best affordable ski helmet. Click here to buy now.

4. Giro Jackson MIPS Snow Helmet:

Giro Jackson MIPS Snow Helmet

Jackson helmets are designed and styled with great attention to detail. Its sleek design presents an opportunity for performance and functional attributes to be evolved.

The new Jackson helmet uses a new Passive Aggressive Venting system to mimic the aerodynamic airflow of a high-end car. Whether riding, hiking, or standing still, the discreet, yet powerful system effectively manages airflow and temperature.

The overall look is finished with delicate lines and a slight brim that can be seamlessly worn with Giro goggles. You can focus confidently on the terrain ahead when wearing the Jackson Mips technology, an ultralight construction, and the dialed In Form 2 Fit system. This new ultimate freeride helmet keeps no line untouched and it is also the best ski mountaineering helmet. Click here to buy now.

5. Oakley Mod5 w Mips Snow Helmet:

Oakley Mod5 w Mips Snow Helmet

There’s no denying that Oakley makes some of the best ski helmets with visors, but they also have a growing ski and snowboard helmet line. This helmet features a unique swappable brim design that works with a wide array of goggles, and it is well-built, comfortable, and easy to wear.

However, maximum ventilation lovers might be disappointed, but the Oakley Mod5 is still one of the best men’s ski helmets. It is also a good-looking and well-rounded ski helmet. Click here to buy now.

6. POC Obex Spin Snowboard and Ski Helmet :

POC Obex Spin Snowboard and Ski Helmet

POC Obex SPIN helmets are very well made and have an adjustable dial to provide you with all-day comfort. It’s designed to fit rounder heads best. This is also the best ski mountaineering helmet Additionally, it’s equipped with POC’s SPIN impact protection system to help reduce rotational impact forces.

A decently lightweight helmet is produced by the in-mold construction that is hardly noticeable when riding. The earpads are easily removable, adding to the average ventilation provided by the smaller vents.

As a Freeski helmet, the Obex is perfect for those who want a minimalist skate style with the features that are important to them, like adjustable vents. If you’re a skier or boarder who needs consistent performance, then this is a great choice. Click here to buy now.

7. Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Sport Helmet:

Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Sport Helmet

In every performance metric, the Smith Vantage MIPS excels from a company with a long history of protective gear. Using the hybrid shell, MIPS, and easy-to-use BOA adjusting wheel, this helmet ensures a perfect fit with no sacrificing weight or protection.

It’s hard not to notice that this helmet is top-of-the-line and durable from the moment you hold it, so it’s worth its high price for dedicated users. There was no difference between Smith goggles and other brands of goggles in terms of the interface between helmet and goggles. It fits comfortably and is easy to adjust for a variety of head sizes and shapes.

An important feature of a helmet is ventilation, and the Vantage excels at providing it. These helmets feature easy-to-use regulator switches and a vent placement that makes them ideal for even the hottest spring days. A sleek, trim design gives it nice lines and makes it one of the best men’s ski helmets on the market. Click here to buy now.

8. Smith Men’s Holt Helmet:

Smith Men's Holt Helmet

Another best ski helmet for men is Smith Smith Men’s Holt Helmet. It can be customized with the included convertible pad kit for warmth when skiing and cooling when skating. Both front and rear vent sections are independently controlled by the Dual Regulator ventilation system of Smith Optics.

It is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring a day of riding is enjoyable. In addition to optimal airflow, the AirEvac helmet also removes hot, humid air through built-in channels, keeping your goggles clear and your skin dry.

The system is particularly effective when worn with Smith goggles. Smith’s helmets include the famed, impact-resistant Bombshell Construction, which is made of injection-molded ABS for greater dents and ding resistance while still delivering optimum head protection. Click here to buy now.

9. Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Ski Helmet :

Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Ski Helmet

The Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Ski Helmet is a lightweight, durable in-mold construction that includes our best performance technology. For a precise fit, the Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Ski Helmet has an in-form fit system and is available in two youth sizes. 

Kids will be comfortable all day thanks to the soft lining and Super Cool Vents. The matching Giro goggles are packed with features and styles for mini-shredders with big dreams. The anti-fog coating on the cylindrical lens optics keeps the terrain in view, while the super-soft double-layer face foam gives all-season comfort and protection from the elements. Click here to buy now.

10. OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS Ski Helmet :

OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS Ski Helmet

In a stylish and modern design, the OutdoorMaster features the best-in-class MIPS protection technology. On certain angled impacts, the inherent MIPS low friction layer allows for a multidirectional movement of 10–15 mm, reducing rotational stress to the head and ensuring optimal safety.

This helmet is lightweight, safe, and comfortable, and you also say the best ski helmet with visor, lightweight reinforced PC shell, shock-absorbing EPS foam, and dial adjustable
system. Other features that distinguish this helmet are replaceable earpads and compatibility with OutdoorMaster Headphones.

Most goggles are compatible with an airflow evacuation channel integrated into the front area of the helmet. The channel’s outlets coincide with your goggles, allowing hot air to escape through the channel within the internal EPS and fleece lining, keeping them clean and fog-free. Click here to buy now.

11.TurboSpoke Best Ski Helmet for Men

TurboSpoke Best Ski Helmet for Men

This TurboSpoke Summit ski helmet was designed to provide optimum protection while maintaining a stylish appearance. Because this helmet has a spin dial on the rear for size adjustment, it will most likely fit your head better than most other helmets.

Adjustable ventilation comes standard with this helmet. Unlike other active ventilation helmets, this one has a Dual Regulator ventilation system that allows you to separately regulate the front and rear vents, giving you additional ventilation control.

Another feature that distinguishes this helmet from the competition is the FIDLOCK patented Magnetic Buckle. This buckle, unlike standard fast-release buckles, includes an automated closing mechanism that allows it to be quickly opened and closed with one hand, even when wearing gloves. Click here to buy now.

Things to consider buying a skiing helmet:


Adjustable or Fixed: We place a significant value on ventilation. During a typical ski day, we open and close our vents several times while enjoying an airlift ride or warming up for an excursion to the nearby countryside. The technology behind maintaining you at a suitable temperature isn’t as simple as poking holes in your helmet – the winter air is bitterly cold and can create an awful brain freeze when you try to expel steam.


Comfort and Warmth: When comparing budget versions to mid-range and high-end ski helmets, liner comfort is one of the most evident variances. Interior padding on more expensive alternatives like the Smith Vantage, Oakley MOD, and POC Obex blends softness with support, and if you adopt, you’ll barely notice the helmet all day. Squeegee foam in less expensive designs often packs with time, making it difficult to wear all day, and muffles sound like foam on-ear pads. We recommend spending if you expect to go out a lot in the winter for these and other reasons.

Helmet Safety: MIPS and More:

To protect you from the severe effects of the mountains, all of the helmets on our list have a non-motorized Snow Sports Safety Certification from ASTM International in the United States. Despite the modifications in construction stated above, the essential concept remains the same, with a hardshell outer and foam inner to absorb the effects. There are helmets with additional certification, such as the Salomon MTN Lab (Mountaineering) and Suite Protection Ascendant MIPS (Mountaineering), but they are all deemed safe for skiing and snowboarding, even if the thorough study of the certification is just for your safety.

Skiing or snowboarding within your range is still the responsibility of the low-speed user, as it should be.

Weight and Bulk:

The ABS, in-mold, or hybrid in-mold construction type weights nearly the same as most ski helmets. And there’s a distinct difference in how they feel between the parts – in-molded and hybrid helmets are less likely to feel heavy over long days in the mountains. Putting a helmet on a scale, on the other hand, will not tell you the complete story of how it feels in your head. A few ounces can be saved by using good cushioning and a snug but comfortable fit. One of the reasons we favor Smith Vantage is because of this. It isn’t the lightest, but you’ll soon forget about it.

Goggle Compatibility:

Ski Goggle adjustment, like finding the correct helmet, is one of the simplest things you can do. An inadequate helmet and goggle combination can be either too tight, causing the helmet to rise and the goggles to fall down your nose, or too open, exposing sections of your forehead to the cold. Sticking to the same brand is the easiest method to ensure a proper fit, Smith helmets work nicely with Smith goggles, and the same goes for Giro and POC, but we encourage you to experiment if you have any goggles or helmets. However, don’t stop at the eyes.

We tried to list the best ski helmets with the best quality man in the market. And highlight important information about them that will help you make this purchase.

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