7 Best ski poles for women in 2023: Our Picks

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A skiing pole is one of the significant pieces of equipment that should be bought with their preferences. This seemingly simple piece of equipment comes with many constructions and features, and you need to decide which is the best tool for the job based on how you intend to use it.

Ski poles for women should be lightweight and short. Also, the grip quality material and other things should be considered before buying. This article will discuss the best seven ski poles based on their performance, price, flexibility, and durability.

What are the best ski poles for women?

  1. LEKI Bold Lite S Ski Pole Pair For Women ( Unisex )
  2. Retrospec Solstice Ski Poles for Men and Women
  3. Zipline Ski Graphite Ski Poles For Women (Unisex)
  4. LEKI Detect S Ski Pole Pair For Women
  5. Zipline Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite For Women
  6. Swix Techlite Performance Ski Poles Women (Unisex)
  7. Rossignol FT 500 XC Ski Poles For Women(Unisex)

1. LEKI Bold Lite S Ski Pole Pair For Women ( Unisex ):

LEKI Bold Lite S Ski Pole Pair For Women ( Unisex )
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight Per Pair: 5 Ounces
  • Size: 115 – 135 cm
  • Grip: Trigger S Grip System

This is one of the top picks in this list from the brand LEKI. This brand is famous for its ski poles. This is a quiet option that is used with aluminum material. Aluminum materials are used in quality ski poles for higher performance and excellent durability. 

The pole is created very lightly. So skiing with this pole is super easy. Trigger S Grip System permits you additional support and maximum comfort. The adjustable strap is perfect for close grip. The large mountain basket is ideal for powdery days. 

The incredible feature of this pole is the adjustable system. So this pole will be perfect for both men and women. LEKI is expensive to brand, but the quality they provide is worth the money you are paying.

What We Liked:

  • Quality material
  • Large mountain basket
  • Cobra basket
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect grip
  • Adjustable pole

What We Don’t Like:

  • Overall good at everything

2. Retrospec Solstice Ski Poles for Men and Women:

Retrospec Solstice Aluminum Trekking & Ski Poles for Men and Women
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: One size
  • Grip: Foam or Cork Grip

This pick is from the brand Retrospec, known for its low price and quality performance. These ski poles are widely used among the skies beginners to experts. The material of the pole is aluminum. So sturdiness and durability are apparent in it. 

The poles come with different mind-blowing features. The adjustable and collapsible part is such of them. The adjustable feature lets you adjust the seat from 26″ to 54″ to fit adventurers of all sizes, while a durable quick-lock keeps it firmly in place. Truly the feature is rare to find expensive poles. 

You can easily store them and transport them. It comes for just $30 with ten different colors and styles. Based on your preferences, you can pick any of them. Just considering the cons, we can say that it can meet all your needs and satisfy you amazingly.

What We Liked:

  • Versatile design
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable and collapsible
  • Durable cork grip
  • Easy transport

What We Don’t Like:

  • Need much force to lock

3. Zipline Ski Graphite Ski Poles For Women (Unisex):

Zipline Ski Graphite Ski Poles For Women (Unisex)
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Size: 90cm – 137cm
  • Grip: Blurr XT longer Grip
  • Best Use: ‎Dual-density rubber grip

Women like to match their ski poles with other ski gears. Amazingly these poles come in 18 different color collections. Zipline made their pole using extremely high-end material, carbon fiber, which is an expensive material. It reduces vibration when the pole pant is inserted. It is also lightweight and durable.

They have an excellent grip. A more extended grip option for the blur XT and a limited edition blurr honeycomb with a more substantial lower segment reinforced with kevlar. So the grip option helps you prevent your gloves from slipping. They come in different sizes.

This is a popular item among freeskiers and powder skiers because of its blurr poles feature. So if you are looking for a carbon fiber pole with an outstanding level of performance, then investing in it will be the ideal option.

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Carbon fiber body material
  • Large powder basket
  • Dual-density grip

What We Don’t Like:

  • Scratch easily

4. LEKI Detect S Ski Pole Pair For Women:

LEKI Detect S Ski Pole Pair For Women
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Weight Per Pair: 8 ounces
  • Grip: Compact trigger s slalom grip

This is the second pick from the brad LEKI. This is a different pick because you will find two other style poles and a great quality glove in this model, which you have to buy separately. These two different style poles have some additional features, so you must check them before buying. 

But in general, aluminum materials are used here. Besides, the tremendous compact trigger s slalom grip helps you ski with your pole for a long time with comfort. Expect the strap design and it is designed ergonomically. By your preference, you can buy gloves and poles both.

The pole price is a little higher than others; the additional features and the quality material will be worth the expense. This will be the right choice for women or those who have small hands.

What We Liked:

  • Strong HTS aluminum shafts
  • Adjustable trigger s straps
  • Perfect for smaller hands
  • Optimal grip
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • Little uncomfortable strap design

5. Zipline Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite For Women:

Zipline Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite For Women
  • Material: Graphite Carbon Composite
  • Size: 102 – 137 cm
  • Grip: Dual-density rubber grip
  • Best Use: All Mountain or Freeskiing

This is another pick from the brand zipline, made with graphite carbon composite material. These materials are super lightweight and durable. So you can enjoy effortless skiing. Those who don’t want to use aluminum or other ski poles should try this item. 

For proper grip and comfort, thanks to its dual-density rubber grip. Which is capable of an improved non-slip grip. So no worry about slipping. Another practical design is a challenging and sharp carbide zip tip. It will allow for precise pole plants and a secured grip in any critical condition. 

The incredible feature of this pole is the adjustable system. So this pole will be perfect for both This pole will provide ultra-light flex as well as balance from top to bottom, that is why it is a top-selling item that all the skiers love. Although they come in 10 different sizes with 12 different colors, so choose them by your preferences.

What We Liked:

  • Large color collection
  • Durable and lightweight
  • High-quality material
  • Non-slip grip
  • Carbide zip tip

What We Don’t Like:

  • A little heavy

6. Swix Techlite Performance Ski Poles Women (Unisex):

Swix Techlite Performance Ski Poles Women (Unisex)
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Size: 115cm – 120cm
  • Best Use: Recreational skiing

This is a little affordable pick from the brand Swix, which is perfect for recreational skiing. They come in two sizes. Each size comes with different prizes. This is an ideal pick for all levels of skiers. They are created ergonomically, which will meet your inner desire. 

It comes with an expansive basket, lightweight design, and an extraordinary level of durability. Mainly aluminum handle diameters are 18 mm, ferrule 10 mm. They are created elegantly, and they can be called basket ski poles. Heavyweight ski poles will destroy your skiing time entirely.

Any skier of any ability can improve dramatically using the lightweight aluminum shaft, ergonomic grips, and durable baskets and tips. You will be able to efficiently and directly attack the fall line. These are affordable budget ski poles with lots of features.

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Single density handle
  • Wide basket
  • DUrable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Poor strap

7. Rossignol FT 500 XC Ski Poles For Women(Unisex):

Rossignol FT 500 XC Ski Poles For Women(Unisex)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 130cm – 165cm
  • Grip: Plastic

With the lightweight, durable performance of the FT 500 touring pole from Rossignol, you’ll be able to kick and glide as you want. The 100% aluminum design is paired with molded rubber grips and a loop strap that provide a comfortable, secure grip.

This is a beginner-friendly pick. We know that Rossignol is an expensive brand. But this item is reachable to all because of this mid-range of price. For recreational skiing, it is a proper choice. The comfortable stander strap permits you adequate comfort and flexibility.

Those who like fixed-length poles will definitely like this item. You can use it as a power pole. Choose it if you have a mid-range of budget for investing. These functional ski poles have fantastic features for selecting the best choice.

What We Liked:

  • Steel Tip
  • Comfortable standard strap
  • Lightweight 
  • Proper grip
  • Perfect for beginner

What We Don’t Like:

  • Make noise

Are ski poles gender specific?

Ski poles are constructed for men and women both. They are not gendered specific. Most ski poles are unisex, but some brands create women-specific ski poles. They are a little short in size and perfect for their hand’s grip.  

What is the difference between men’s and women women’s ski poles?

The main difference between them is women’s ski poles come in a shorter size. Besides, the strap assembly and colors are pretty different from men’s ski poles. So if you have short hands, you should choose shorter ski poles must. Otherwise unisex fit will be perfect for you. 

Are adjustable poles good for skiing?

In addition to being useful in skiing, adjustable ski poles help skiers hone their techniques and avoid getting caught in deep snow by swinging their pole baskets forward when ascending and descending. You can look for 8 inches length adjustability for better performance.

How to Choose The Best Women’s Ski Poles?


Every ski pole is made with various materials. Three types of material are usually used in the ski poles: carbon fiber, aluminum, and bamboo. The carbon fiber material is the standard material used in the expensive poles. They are solid and lightweight. Aluminum materials are used in beginner poles. Aluminum poles are light, sturdy, and affordable. Bamboo ski poles are rarely seen to use. So you can look for carbon fiber or aluminum material. 


Another most important consideration is grip. The grip area is situated at the top of the pole, allowing you to hold it tightly and comfortably. Look for soft and shock absorption material so that you can run it for a long time. But keep in mind that the grip must fit your hands perfectly. 


It is also an important thing which should be considered. The strap is situated at the top of the pole. It is a flexible nylon loop attachment. It will help you to prevent any injuries. Straps are made with nylon material.

How much should I pay for ski poles?

Ski poles start at $20. Nowadays, with a minimal budget, you can get quality performance. But if you can invest between $100, these ski poles are lightweight, rugged, comfortable grip, and have hardwearing straps. But for beginners, we will recommend you to start with a meager budget and then invest in expensive poles.

Are carbon ski poles stronger?

Yes, carbon ski poles are more vital than aluminum and metal pole. Carbon fiber ski poles are stiff, absorbing shock and dampening vibration. Carbon poles have better maneuverability and sustained control than aluminum ones because they are lighter and don’t weigh as much.

How tall should my ski poles be?

For the perfect pole fit with your height, wear your shoes or stand on your ski boots. Take hold of the pole beneath the basket, keeping your fingers touching the basket. Turn the poles upside down so that their grips are touching the ground. Now your elbow is 90° angle. If it is less than 90°, try a shorter pole. If the angle is more significant, go with a long pole. 

After the broad discussion, we recommend you go with Retrospec Solstice Aluminum Trekking & Ski Poles for Men and Women. These are the best-selling ski poles. LEKI is also a quality brand for ski poles. You can choose them.